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Comprehensive hand rejuvenation

They say that if you want to know the true age of a person you just have to look at their hands. Many people concerned about their image take good care of their face but neglect their hands. Today, hand rejuvenation is one of the aesthetic treatments that is experiencing a real boom in popularity. Hands are subject to the same ageing factors as the face but they also come into contact with a whole host of substances that accelerate this process. Over time, sun spots appear, along with dilated veins, fat atrophy and severe dehydration that can not be resolved by using creams alone. The combination of various treatments such as laser, peeling, mesotherapy and fillers allow us to obtain the best results for treating cutaneous ageing of the hands. At the Dr. Javier Bassas Dermatology Centre we will advise you on the most suitable procedures for rejuvenating the skin on your hands.