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Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) platform

Some patients suffer premature ageing of the face and cleavage area that can not be resolved with a single dermo-cosmetic technique. These patients may show several signs of skin ageing including sun spots, dilated veins, wrinkles, irregularities on the skin’s surface, dilated pores, etc. In these cases, we often have to combine different cosmetic procedures such as peeling, laser, filling, mesotherapy and botulinum toxin. This allows us to achieve optimal results that meet the expectations of each patient. At the Dr. Javier Bassas Dermatology Centre we offer you advice on which procedures would be the most suitable for you, taking into account the characteristics of your skin and your expectations. Using the latest technology, we offer our patients a non-surgical treatment to selectively eliminate unaesthetic lesions whilst respecting the surrounding tissue. With our laser and IPL platform patients can avail of treatment for: · Excess hair · Couperosis to the face and cleavage (“redness” due to small veins) · Thread veins· Varicose veins on lower limbs· Sun spots · Photoageing· Vascular malformations. These treatments are almost painless, and only sometimes require the use of a topical anaesthetic cream. Normal daily activities can be resumed immediately after the session.