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Laser (removes spots and tattoos)

LASER (an acronym for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation’) is a type of electromagnetic radiation generated by a machine. It has a multitude of applications in medicine today and is a field that is constantly developing. There are different types of lasers, the use of which is determined by the wavelength and type of emission, as well as the skin ‘target’ it is used on.

The first lasers in dermatology were used over 40 years ago. Their basic principles were developed when Einstein formulated the principles of stimulated emission of radiation, published in 1917 as part of quantum theory.

The aim of laser treatment is to destroy a specific lesion, while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue. It is used extensively in the field of dermatology, in which it has many applications such as in the removal of exogenous pigments (tattoos) or endogenous pigments (melanin) and for the treatment of benign superficial skin tumours (xanthelasma, common warts, epidermal nevus and seborrheic keratoses, among others). It is also excellent for removing vascular lesions (such as telangiectasias, ruby spots and venous lakes) and for permanent hair removal.

Dermatological laser treatment usually causes redness and a superficial wound may appear, with crusting and swelling. The results are excellent, provided that the dermatological recommendation is correct.

The Dr. Javier Bassas Dermatology Centre offers the most advanced technology in latest-generation laser treatments. We will advise you on the most suitable laser treatment according to your condition, expectations and skin type.