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Micropigmentation is a beauty treatment for the eyebrows, lips and eyes and is carried out using a technique similar to that of tattooing, whereby innocuous pigments with natural tones are implanted in the surface layers of the skin. The advantage of micropigmentation is that it is not permanent.

A personalised study is conducted with professional and a decision is made based on the needs and characteristics of the patient.

The result is completely natural, giving the optical effect of improvement, a discreet and elegant rebalancing of the facial features to achieve a spectacular rejuvenation effect. Practical, comfortable, for all situations in daily life, with no need for constant retouches, for all women who need a beauty boost that nobody notices but which everyone appreciates.

· Eyebrows: reconstruction of the eyebrow line, hair by hair, and lifting of the arch

· Lips: outlining of lip edge and contour to give a fuller effect, and a thin veil of colour to enhance lip tone

· Eyes: delineation and intensification of the lash line and the effect of elongated, almond-shaped eyes

The treatment lasts for about 2 to 4 years depending on the colour used and skin absorption. After a time, new treatment can be carried out to maintain and extend the duration of the result. Treatment is performed in a session of approximately one hour, with a review after 4-6 weeks.

Perfilado de labios

Profiling lips